You may not have realised it but the past few months Lewisham Deaf Ministries have been busy doing all kinds of things!

I’ll try to give you an idea of what’s been going on in one BIG go.

In April we spent a Sabbath with our friends from

Wallington Community Church

who were holding a special day: Disability Day. As well as Lewisham, they had visitors from Beckenham, Willesden and Wimbledon.

(Courtesy BUC Messenger, 3 July 2015)

In June we went to

Edmonton Seventh-Day Adventist Church

to take part in their Sabbath worship service and present a Deaf Awareness program in the afternoon. It was great to see people, young and old excited about learning about the Deaf and British Sign Language.

In July we once again attended

Lewisham People’s Day

at Mountsfield Park and we spent the day meeting people, talking to the Deaf, people wanting to learn BSL or those who wanted to find out about us and what we do. It was a lovely day. Not only was the weather nice, but we met up with our friends from the community in Lewisham and even further afield, Deaf and hearing alike.

Over the past few years we’ve conducted several

Introduction to British Sign Language courses

but in September we took the course outside of our church for the first time! It was an exciting time when we went to Wimbledon International Seventh-day Adventist Church to present a 4 week course. The participants were so eager to learn and we all had a fantastic time teaching and learning about BSL.

This year we started a

BSL Choir

in earnest and we learned and performed a few songs at Lewisham Church. In September though we went to Croydon church where we performed a beautiful song called “I Know My Redeemer Lives”. It was a very special service as Pastor John Lomacang of 3 ABN Television was the guest speaker. God be praised, we signed to God’s glory!

Finally, last Sunday we recently took the long trip to Manchester to take part in the launch of the British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists’ Deaf Ministries Strategy. It was a blessing to meet and hear from Adventists from all over the British Union who are talking part in, starting off or who are interested in Deaf Ministries. It showed that God is moving all over the British Isles but we have a long way to go to meet the needs of the Deaf all over the UK and tell everyone the Gospel of Jesus Christ.